Why Crystals Won’t Work For You



Crystals are not a fix-all.  I’ll say it right up front.  If you have a problem and you want crystals to fix it, that’s fine.  But don’t expect to see overnight dramatic results just because you put a couple tumbled stones in your water glass.  Crystals work with you, they don’t do the work for you.

For example – say you want to use crystals to help you with stress management.  That’s awesome, crystals are great for that.  But don’t just put a couple in your pocket and your drinking water and expect the problem to be taken care of if you aren’t taking any further steps.  That’s like popping a couple diet pills and then flopping on the couch with the TV remote, a bag of chips and some deep fried Twinkies and getting angry because three months later you’re still not ready for your bikini.

Work with crystals;  don’t try to make them work for you.  It doesn’t work that way.  Not that you won’t benefit at all that way, but if you’re really looking for a significant change, you have to add other variables to the equation.

For instance, lets say a pregnant woman is looking to incorporate crystals to help encourage a healthy delivery and healthy baby.  Let’s say she does her own research, and consults a certified crystal healer, who gives some recommendations for some stones, and puts them in a little medicine bag for her to wear around her neck so it hangs right in front of her cute pregnant belly.  She’s got the crystal thing going, so she shouldn’t have to take prenatal vitamins, right?  And since she has that handy dandy necklace – why, she can eat whatever she wants!  Indulge in a little alcohol, even!  Those sparkly tumbled puppies have it covered, right?  HECKS NO!  Crystals should always be used in conjunction with, not instead of.

So if you’re carrying around a few tumbled stones, drinking gem water, doing sessions and all that for the specific goal of reducing your stress load – DON’T come home from work, burst through the door, slam it behind you and immediately start screaming about how the crystals aren’t working and you had such a frustrating day and blah blah blah.  Go home, listen to some soothing music in the car on the way.  Go inside, and if you have a family, maybe say something like “hey, just give me a few minutes to myself please.  I need to zen for about ten minutes and I’ll be with you.”  Then go somewhere you won’t be disturbed, and do whatever to make yourself relax.  Take a hot shower with some lavender oil, read a book, meditate, do some deep breathing exercises.  You will get the maximum benefit from crystals if you are doing everything you can to help the job.

On the other side of the geode, there’s nothing you can do with crystals that you can’t do without them.  They’re tools, helpers.  For example, I participate in NaNoWriMo every year.  If you’ve never heard of it, it’s a writing challenge, with the goal to write a 50k word novel in 30 days.  I could elect (as many people do, and I have in the past) to write that novel entirely by hand.  Old school, composition notebooks and number 2 pencils all the way.  But you know what, typing is so much faster.  And since I have a smart phone, I’ve even written pieces of my books on my phone as well.  It’s the same way with crystals.  Anything you set out to do with them, you can do without them.


Crystals work because of their energy.  Some may argue that they work because of the placebo effect, but in most cases I don’t believe this is true.  The reason being, I have seen people who are skeptical change their minds because of the energy and the benefits they have felt from using crystals.

But back to energy…
A frilly word people like to roll their eyes at is ‘aura’.  Go ahead and roll ’em if you want, but stick with me here.  It’s not new age rambling that your heart is electrical, it’s scientific fact.  (In fact your heart is tons stronger electrically speaking than your brain…something to think about.)  But just like your heart isn’t just beating for nothing, it’s pumping blood, your heart and brain aren’t the only electrical/energetic components in the human body.  All your organs and every cell in your body is vibrating and putting off its own unique energetic frequency.  Like a chorus of voices, all these energies make up your aura – your energetic field.  Even your thoughts have their own energy, and they like to hang around in your aura.  That’s why sometimes just being around certain people or someone who is in a terrible mood starts to make you feel terrible.  You’re picking up on their energy, and it tastes yucky.

So if you are going into this crystal healing thing with an attitude of “this is a bunch of new age garbage for the  bicycle-riding, save-the-dung-beetle, dread-locked, herb-smelling, water their organic garden with their own pee, weak-minded crazies and the only thing I’m certain of is that this certainly doesn’t work worth spit.”

Well Sir/Ma’am, you’re certainly right.

If that’s you, good luck benefiting from crystals.  At all.  Ever.  Because you just called 911 and then built a brick wall around your house to rival Jericho.  And don’t expect the crystals to go marching around it seven times to get to you, they’re not like the telemarketers that call you in the middle of dinner and don’t take no for an answer.

Some people may be converted anyway because they can feel the energy, but don’t count on it.LOL-cat-healing-crystal-cat-collar-cat-wisdom-101


Going back to the body’s energy, this system of your body is sometimes called the “subtle body” or the energy itself is referred to as “subtle energy”.  The definition of subtle is: “so delicate or precise as to be difficult to analyze or describe.”
And one definition of subtle energy is: “one or more forms of energy, which do not appear to be within the electromagnetic spectrum.”


This energy is very high vibrational, as you can see, if it’s not even on this chart, and some people are more sensitive to it than others.  It’s not a matter of having a sixth sense, everybody has the ability to feel crystal energy.  When I bought my first few crystals, I felt nothing.  Over time I became aware that I could feel the difference between certain crystals.  Now I use what I feel as a deciding factor when choosing my stones.

If you aren’t able to sense anything right away, it will come with time, and the more you bring crystals into your life the faster it will happen.  Put them in your water (make sure they’re not toxic first, always!), put them under your pillow, in your car, in your pockets, in you bra, if you wear one.  (And if you don’t,…well never-mind.)  😉


It’s not hard to find out the general properties of crystals.  There’s library books, Amazon, and of course the internet.  You can pick any crystal you like (unless it’s exceptionally rare) and Google its properties and uses.  But just because one crystal helps most people with headaches, it might do absolutely nothing for the next person.  A crystal that helps calm 98% of people who use it, might make the other 2% feel anxious.

We’re all different, even individual crystals are different, so there’s a lot of room for things not working just the way you want them to.  That’s why the best way to choose which crystal to work with is to go for the first one that draws you in, don’t underestimate your intuition!

If you’re standing in a crystal shop looking at perhaps a hundred different kinds of stones, there’s a lot of energy that your own energy body is interacting with.  Buy the ones that you’re most drawn to, because your subtle body knows what it needs.  I know this from experience, because when I trust my intuition I sometimes pass up what are, cosmetically, the ‘prettiest’ stones and walk out with the ones I was strongly drawn to.  Every single time I’ve done this, they end up being just what I needed, in very precise ways.

You are fearfully and wonderfully made, don’t discount your own gut feeling.  Every time we turn around science, biology, and medicine are proving how incredibly, intelligently designed we are.  Trust that intuition.

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